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Wow!  What a great weekend!  The show was real success, and there are many reasons why. Most important, we had great participation from our members.  Almost everyone was a contributor, whether of time and effort, or of roses to exhibit, or both, or just to drop in for awhile and offer hospitality and advice - and it made a difference.  I think we saw each of our members at some point during the weekend, and I think a few people were at our show for the entire time!  A case in point - Jacquie Perry and Susan Barbuty prepared a delicious buffet breakfast and lunch, and remained in the building to dispense their hospitality almost non-stop. Fred Frappier was always somewhere in the building or in the area, and so was Matt Beasley, both indispensable.


Bill Langford set up the bones of the show on Friday, arranging the display tables in a perfect way to showcase the roses. Bill was also on hand frequently throughout the weekend, either in person or by phone, to advise and answer questions. Suellen Granberry-Hager and Jan Warshauer, among others, spent hours helping with our setup Friday and Saturday morning. Ampy de la Cruz got us off to a great start Saturday morning with her beautiful flower arrangements for the cut flower table. Two of our newer members, Debbie Slavsky and Jodi Goodell, were a cheerful presence at the welcome/information desk on Saturday, passing out the bead bags and explaining the voting concept to visitors. New member Mary Beth Hight helped both days of the show, in several ways. Master Rosarian Evelyn Rose shared her knowledge with members and visitors on Saturday. Jeff Nann helped on Sunday, greeting visitors and answering questions. 


Early Saturday morning, Matt built us a pile of wooden frames for Michelle Gash's many excellent signs, and supervised their placement (or re-placement!!) throughout the grounds. I think those signs will last for many years, they're so well built! Kathy's arrow signs sent people on a Rose Show hunt, spinning in the wind in every direction!! Matt and Patty's friend Agnes Stillwell was around all weekend, helping in many ways - she finally became a member on Sunday afternoon, and we're lucky to have her!  Dena Walls came up with our voting strategy, and spent hours cutting up the Mardi Gras beads used for casting ballots.  And Hope Reis, as she has for many years, donated another of her beautiful paintings to be awarded for First Prize, Most Votes Cast. It was won by a newcomer, Denise Domlesky, from Pembroke Pines, who will be joining us at the May meeting's Rose Bingo, we hope. Debbie Coolidge, our Past President, was a constant source of advice and experience. 


But the show could not have gone on without show chairperson Patty Beasley's energy, positive attitude, and planning.  She and Matt rounded up prizes for the very successful raffle, and for the prize table. Patty did a great job, guided by the advice of Debbie Coolidge and Bill Langford. And this was the first Rose Show she had even seen, let alone organized!  Bravo Patty!


Our members brought many, many beautiful roses, and the tables were full, with each class having several exhibits. To those who entered their beautiful roses, whether or not you won a prize, your roses all deserve Honorable Mention. They were gorgeous!  

Any roses which were not entered in competition were contributed to the cut rose table. These cut flowers were very popular and sold well. People enjoyed the voting, and all the visitors seemed to have a good time.  For example, at one point on Saturday, five young men from a wedding party came in to the show, and bought roses for their lapels, and you can imagine the kibitzing and joking during that process.


The public responded to our inviting signs, and we had almost 200 people visit us.  Because they were voting, they slowed down, and really looked at each rose.  Most people commented that they were amazed at how beautifully our roses grew in this area and climate, and several people joined our society to learn how. 


To each of our members, all of whom have supported the Rose Show in some way, a big thank you. And thank you to our members' friends and family who also helped out. It was a successful show, and on top of that, it was fun! 


For more fun, come join us at our next meeting, May 22, which will be a Rose Bingo.  The last time we did this everyone had a great time, and the prizes will be roses, or garden oriented items.  We're hoping our new members will attend, because this will be our last meeting before the summer break.  


Until then, thank you all for a very good Rose Show!

Kathy Rose and Fred Frappier, co-presidents