President’s Message

A Message from our Presidents, Debbie and Geoff Coolidge

Happy August !! My goodness where does the time go? I cannot tell you how beautiful the Beckers place is inside and out!! What a wonderful time we all had in June visiting with each other, sharing stories, eating great food, playing games, and touring one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.

After spending that afternoon with friends it made me realize that the Greater Palm Beach Rose Society is more than just growing roses, it is a group of people from all walks of life coming together to share in our passion. I know some of our members have not renewed their membership as of yet. For only $18.00 you not only learn about roses, you are helping preserve our society which started back in the 1950’s. With the internet lots of folks are missing out because they can go online and find out anything they want to learn. I get it, we are in a different world now, but please think about how important a society is (whether it’s roses, orchids, herbs, etc). This is one way to help ensure we can continue what we do, so please consider rejoining the Rose Society.

The Mounts Botanical Garden has brought back their PBC Residents Days. Members can visit the garden for free on the 3rd Thursday of the month thru September. I have seen lots of different programs offered this summer. One of our grandchildren attended an intense art class workshop and loved it. Stay involved!! We are finally coming out of this pandemic and we need to get back to enjoying life.

Rosey regards, Debbie